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The Caviar Gift Box

What’s better than the gift of caviar? Caviar in a really nice gift box. The gift box includes a caviar key, a mother of pearl spoon, plus an ice pack to make sure everything's kept cooler than cool - just like the person sending this gift.

About Kairos

Kairos, (Ancient Greek: καιρός) means anopportune time for action. And we believe the time is right for a caviar revolution. Caviar shouldn’t be based on the novelty of luxury, but rather on the merits of its quality. High-quality caviar should no longer be a food for a select few, but a delicacy accessible to all.

How is Kairos changing the way
people think about caviar?

What makes caviar
a superfood?

How does Kairos employ
sustainable practices?

Don't take our word for it

I've experimented with caviar from all ranges and sources. Kairos offers the best quality consistently, at a price point that's unmatched.

Lewis Barker

Executive Chef at Sommer Dining

Cool brand. Great caviar. Love the idea of breaking with traditional pairings. My favourite? Caviar and potato chips.

Kenneth Ho

Logistics Manager

It was such a delight for our guests at our Christmas party. Very glad I found you guys. Definitely need more for New Years. And Valentines Day.

Ben Koh

Account Manager

I enjoy finding reasons to cook at home and incorporate Kairos in anything I imagine. It's a great way to elevate any dish at home and give it that restaurant panache.

Danielle Han

Sports Executive

I used to spend much more caviar. Kairos offers a sophisticated offering wallet-friendlier prices. The result? I now get to enjoy caviar more often!

Larry Chan

Managing Director